Ayurvedic Treatment For Knee Pain


In the process of aging all the body components diminished.

They change quantitatively and qualitatively. This leads to Vata aggravation. Vata vitiation is an important pathological event that is responsible for most of the Geriatric or old age health problems. It is more common in people with Vata Constitution.

Knee pain can consider as the representative of these old age health problems.

Big joints more especially the knee are affected. Intermittent pain & swelling is especially after exertion, long drive, and strenuous activities. Cracking sound in joints during its movement (crepitus)

The affliction of Joints by vitiated Vata is the principal event in the pathogenesis. The involvement of joints, Marma, and Vata in the pathology makes the prognosis of the disease worst.

As per the modern concept of the disease, the articular cartilage damaged progressively which may later irritate the bony ends in the joint & eventually form the structural damage.

Common after the age of 50 years, Common cause is wear & tear of bony tissue, ligaments & reduction of synovial fluid (lubricating Kapha substance) in the joints. Obese people also suffer from this disease as

Obesity cause more burden on the knee joint.

The treatment is always individual according to the condition of the body, the presence of diseases, age, etc., as well as the type of arthritis. The personal approach makes the treatment very diverse so that not all options can enumerate, but only the basic ones.

The main difference in the treatment of different types of knee arthritis is in the diet and daily regimen as well as in the medicines used. It should be made clear that if the disease is caused by deviations in one or two doshas, it is treated, but if on “all three” doshas, the disease is considered incurable, and if there is a combined inflammation of the joints of the limbs, waist, and head.

Ayurveda cures rheumatoid arthritis by eliminating toxins from the body and restoring the doshas to their balance. Purification done using combined procedures of Purvakarma and Panchakarma methods.

The treatment includes a diet, herbs, and oils for pouring and specialized massages. Panchakarma therapy is usually applied and it is an internal and powerful release of toxins through natural laxatives and cleansing remedies Particularly important is basti-colon cleansing, as well as yoga practices.


Janu Basti — at affected knee mould is prepared with dough made up of flour. Then warm oil poured into this circle and kept warm throughout the procedure. Retention of oil over the affected region reduces the pain and inflammation, improves circulation and lymph drainage.

Cure Knee Osteoarthritis

Local application – of medicinal Oil used over the affected joint is beneficial. Gentle circular movements of the hand over the affected joint recommended. Wrapping of joint for 3-4 hours is also beneficial.

Basti – is very useful in knee pain

Matra Basti- medicinal oil used in basti for 7 to 15 days. This cycle repeated every three months to slow down the rate of degeneration.

Abhyanga – Medicinal Oil is frequently used for abhyanga. Oil used to correct the imbalance in Vata. It is especially useful in arthritis, it also used in rheumatism, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout, etc. oil restores joint mobility and keeps them healthy. Apply to the affected joints, then wet warm-up.

Pinda sweda – performed at the knee by rice cooked in Medicinal decoction and soaked in milk or rice cooked in  medicinal   soup is used. It is useful to slow down the degeneration & for the strengthening of supportive soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, cartilage & bursa.

Knee Replacement Surgery?

Whether it is good or bad? This decision has to be taken considering individual cases.

Agnikarma – For the pain management cauterization with special probe having Gold tip is used. In this very tender points are marked & a heated gold pin is touched to these patients. This can be a very mild type of thermal cautery. Due to this local release of analgesic components like endorphins take place which reduces the irritation and pain. 

A complete daily rest and movement regime is also required, with the necessary type and form of exercises. The remedies and ways included in the Ayurveda treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are varied. They, however, do not apply in general, but a strictly individual complex of these selected according to the condition of the patient. But generally, the diet should be focused.

Dry hot compresses can be placed on the painful areas, like a compress with sand covered with a cloth to reduce the swelling and pain. Warm and moist compresses of dry herbs or herbal plant leaves also can be applied, as well as hot bath, steam bath, and so on. 

Dietary, light cereals should be consumed and the fried, cold and sour foods, as well as curd and beans should be avoided.

Food should be fresh – if it stays for only three hours, it already loses its properties and becomes harmful to the balance of vata energy in the body.

During the treatment are performed certain exercises that are approved by the physician, and daytime sleep is not recommended, as well as drinking cold water, cold baths, and exposure to wind and cold weather. When you take a bath, the water should be warm, and the cleaning and cosmetic products should be only plant-based, without processing with inorganic chemicals.

There are numerous yoga practices that help against the pains and inflammations caused by rheumatism, but the mantra method is supreme according to Ayurveda.

Oats used for hot compresses to relieve joint pains – it is put in a cloth and left to boil in water. After that, it should be strained, and while it is still hot, is placed on the painful areas. Use freshly grated medicinal leaves like Arkpatra, Nirgundi,  Erandpatra,  Vatpatra for the compress.

Knee Pain Treatment with Ayurveda

Treatment Principles –

1) Avoid probable causes (Vata provocating diet like excess use of peas, nuts, pulses, big beans, cold beverages like cold drinks, cold water, refrigerated substances like ice creams, etc. Taking cold showers, working in Air Condition atmosphere, or long time contact with cold water should be avoided.

2) Avoid daily vigorous activities and excessive aerobic type of exercises.

3) Reduce overweight.

4) Very regular daily oil massage to all joints, before bath & once in a week whole-body massage. But no movement or strong massage, when there is pain & inflammation – rather complete rest required.

5) Take Periodical Anuvasna Basti.

6) Energy restored to their balance through diet and daily regimen, yoga poses, healing exercises, meditation.

8) Exercises play a vital role. Regular joint exercises should do under proper guidance. This will improve circulation and build muscle strength. Cycling and swimming in warm water is good. Pavan muktasan is the right yoga posture for knee joint osteoarthritis.

Cure Knee Pain with Ayurveda

Of course, the aforementioned is just a touch of the whole ayurvedic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis – in ayurvedic diets, procedures, medicines, for the purification, elimination of pain, etc. As mentioned, the full healing course is individual and appointed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

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