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Vedacare Ayurveda is a gateway to health, it is the place for Ayurvedic solutions for all health problems. At Ayurvedic Clinic Aundh, we provide medicine along with diet and life style modifications which helps to cure a patient’s problem. Dr.Harshal Nemade, who has had more than 13 years of experience practicing Ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma treatment, looks deep into every patient’s history to figure out the root cause of the illness.

To us, diseases are as unique as the patient’s individual history and records. This approach helps us develop a holistic treatment method for each and every one of our patients.

Vedacare Ayurveda’s approach towards ayurvedic treatment is backed by clinical research, hundreds of patient records and some of the latest developments in ayurveda.

We in the service of our patients with the help of the ancient wisdom called Ayurveda have made a commitment to strive for the excellence. Here is why you should choose us and Ayurveda.

By blending nature with technology, we have developed ayurveda medicines which are fundamental to smooth and efficient functioning of life.

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The Importance of Panchakarma

Man has some innate desires. Get a lot of money, fulfill your desires, get salvation, etc. To fulfill all these desires, one needs to have good health and a strong mind. Because these desires cannot be fulfilled when the body is sick. And if it happens, it cannot be enjoyed. This is exactly why the

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Basti panchakarma बस्ती पंचकर्म enema panchakarma


In Panchakarma – Basti is considered by physicians to be the half of entire therapeutics. Panchakarma is An Internal Bio-cleansing -Detoxification therapy. Literally means fivefold therapeutic action, is a collective expression for the cleansing of one’s physical constitution. The fivefold therapies comprises of Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Raktmokshana, Nasya. Ayurveda states only two types of therapies

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Vedacare is one of trusted Ayurvedic Clinic in Aundh Pune offers best Ayurvedic Treatment in Aundh Pune. Consult best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh Pune at vedacare.

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