JANU BASTI - जानु बस्ती

Janu Basti For Knee Pain without operation
Retaining the Medicated oil within special Janu Basti equipment over the knee joint for a certain period is known by the name Janu Basti.
Abhyanga directly acts on muscles, ligaments, and skin and finally on blood vessels around knee joint, makes them strong, and nourishes deeper muscles, ligaments.
Therefore, Abhyanga is done over skin and muscles and also it involves blood vessels.  Hence here, direct benefit of janu basti oil is achieved at knee joint.
The  external  Snehana   and  Svedana therapies  with medicinal oil  in  the  form  of  Janubasti and Janu Pichu are  extensively  practiced  in  Knee problems.
Janubasti makes the muscles strong and thus get the stable of knee joint.
Janubasti  provided  a  better  relief  in  the  signs  and symptoms  mainly  in pain,  stiffness,  gait,  tenderness,  swelling, crepitus and  range of  movements clinically and  on  Knee pain.
Janu Basti used for strengthening the knee muscles & the architecture of the Knee & to improve the functioning of the Knee joint.
Janu Basti is proved effective in conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other painful conditions of the Knee.

Janu Basti Procedure:-

  • Janu Basti is carried at different locations over the knee joint. The Position of the Janu Basti to be carried out is determined corresponding to the site of pain.
  • After a certain period, the oil and Janu Basti yantra are removed, the Knee is then subjected to massage and fomentation.
  • After positioning the patient for the treatment a frame is made over the knee joint by using the paste of black gram or Janu Basti Yantra is used. Warm medicated oil is poured into this mount, and then the Knee is massaged gently.

After Janu Vasti Therapy:-

After the Janu Basti treatment, the patient is advised to take rest for about 15 minutes.
Then he can take a hot water bath if required.
Janu Basti Treatment For Knee Pain

Janu Basti Duration:-

Usually, Janu Vasti is carried out for 7-21 days for painful conditions for a time of 45 min.

Janu Basti Benefits:-

  • Janu basti cost-effective and result-oriented treatment for knee pain. Many patients get benefited from avoiding knee surgery and costly knee transplant operation.
  • Reduction in Knee pain
  • Improvement in Movement of the Knee Joint
  • Decreased weakness
  • Reduction in the swelling of the Knee
  • Better Exercise Tolerance
  • helps strengthening of Knee Ligaments.
  • It benefited in early osteoarthritis of knee.

Janu Basti Indications:-

  • Painful Conditions of the Knee.
  • Osteoarthritis of knee
  • Ligament Tear
  • ACL Tear
  • Subluxation of Knee ligament
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Janu Vasti Diet:-

Personalised diet as suggested by ayurvedic doctor is advised to follow for specific peroid.Janu basti cost-effective and result-oriented treatment for knee pain. Many patients get benefited from avoiding knee surgery and costly knee transplant operation.
Janubasti along with Basti Panchakarma Treatment is used for curative treatment for knee pain, Knee fracture, knee ligament tear, other knee problems.

In addition to Janubasti for the knee pain Basti PanchakarmaRaktamokshan, AgnikarmaPinda SwedaPatra Pinda SwedaLepan treatments are useful in fastening the disease recovery or relieving chronic knee pain.



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