MANYA BASTI - मन्या बस्ती

Nowadays pain within the neck, headache, and pain with neck movements, numbness/tingling sensation, weakness of the arm, and dizziness were the commonly observed symptoms within the patient.

Most of the aforesaid symptoms were thanks to a symptom and neurological disorder, cervical spondylosis.

These symptoms are often improved with a reduction in inflammation and spasm at the neck with a unique treatment called Manya Basti.

Manya Basti is a specialized up karma of panchakarma used for strengthening of the neck muscles & improve the functioning of the cervical vertebrae. 

This treatment is safe & gives quick relief to the patients who are suffering from neck pain, stiffness & spondylosis. 

it is a  method of applying heat to the neck by holding warm medicated Griva Basti oil on the vertebral column around the diseased vertebrae within a specially formed frame or ring or manya basti yantra made by flour dough.

Greeva Basti Procedure:-

Sitting position:-

  • To carry out the procedure of Manya Basti the patient is asked to sit down on a knee-high stool, with his arm and head resting on a chest board kept before of him.
  • During this position the trunk is slightly bent forwards, the neck is flexed and also the forehead is resting on the table. This position of the patient is most ideal for the Griva Basti.
  • Warm oil brings perspiration at the holding area.
  • This is followed by massage and fomentation to the present a part of the body.

Lying down position:-

  • The patient was asked to lie comfortably in a prone position with neck and head straight and well exposed, and arms keeping under the head.
  • Then the dough was pasted in an exceedingly circular manner on this neck.
  • The oil which was pre-warmed up to 38- 40 degree was poured within the area The temperature is maintained uniform throughout the procedure with special methods by not disturbing patient position.
  • This process was administered for a half-hour, once in an exceedingly day, every morning for 15 days.
manya basti Panchakarma treatment

Manya Basti Benefits:- 

  • Reduction in cervical pain
  • Improvement in movement of the neck region
  • Relives neck stiffness
  • Decreased weakness

Griva Basti Indications:- 

  • Painful conditions of Cervical Region
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Disc Prolapse
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Rheumatism
  • Neck Pain
  • Neck Rigidity  

Post-Procedure of Greeva Basti:-

The oil was drained out from the mold.
Light massage is meted out at Basti area Fomentation is completed with special pain reliving herbs.

Duration for Procedures:-
15 day


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