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vaman panchakarma in pune

Vaman Panchakarma is the first among five detoxifying – cleansing Panchakarma therapies. 
It helps in clearing the upper part of the body & is the best remedial solution for Kapha dosha & the second-best remedy for pitta dosha.
Before the vaman procedure, internal oleation with medicated ghee/oil is advised for 5-7 days according to the patient’s constitutions is done.
After proper preparation, the patient is given specially created Vaman medicine.
After Vaman patient has to follow a strict dietary regimen where a gradual increase in the quality & quantity of the food is carried out.
This period varies depending upon the quantitative shodhana & can be from 5 -7 days.

  • Vamana is that the unique procedure of forcible expulsion of undigested pitta and Kapha dosha through the upper oral root of the body by way of inducing vomiting.
  • Kapha dosha, the third among the three doshas is best eliminated by this procedure.
  • To begin vaman panchakarma first patient is treated with snehana and svedana procedures for required days and is followed by the induction of vomiting.
  • The patient 1st then subjected to samsarjana krama to finish the procedure.
  • The entire procedure including the preliminary procedure also as follow up procedure is named as Vamana panchakarma.
  • Elimination of the vitiated dosha from a route that’s nearest to the diseased part is that the general rule.
  • Accordingly, if the buildup of dosha is observed within the upper half the body, its best eliminated by the upper i.e.
  • To be more precise if the buildup of dosha is present within the gastrium, its best eliminated by the Vamana karma.
  • This procedure is claimed to be more efficacious in clearing the buildup of Kapha dosha.
  • Best results from Vamana karma could also be achieved if administered during the spring.
  • The following list reveals the conditions which will be treated by Vamana karma.
  • Oral administration of snehan used in the form of medicated ghee/oil for a stipulated period followed by snehan Karm and svedana forms the preparation of the patient for Vamana karma.
  • Then on the final day in the morning, the patient is subjected to Vamana panchakarma.
  • At the top, the patient is suggested to follow the samsarjana krama for regaining the first physical strength.
  • The patient is initially subjected to snehapana for 5 to 7 days in accordance with the event of the symptoms indicative of proper snehapana.
  • Following this, he’s treated with abhyanga and bashpa sveda for at some point.
  • That’s on the 8th day he’s subjected to bashpa sveda if the snehapana is completed on the 7th day.
  • During this way, on the 9th day, the patient is prepared for the Vamana karma.
  • On the day of Vamana karma within the early morning, the patient is asked to require a bath after evacuation of bowel and bladder.
vaman panchakarma

Diet Specification:-

During the amount of snehapana, abhyanga, and bashpa sveda, the respective diet.

Vaman Indications: -

  • It is beneficial for Persons of Kapha and Kapha-Pitta constitution and patients suffering with Kapha disorders and associated Pitta disorders or diseases originating or settled in the place of Kapha like
  • Asthma, Allergic bronchitis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, COPD, Cough, Migraine,
  • Hyperacidity, Indigestion, Anorexia,
  • Obesity, Overweight, Dyslipidemia, Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid,
  • Skin diseases like Acne vulgaris, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Lichen Planus, Vitiligo, Urticaria,
  • Falling and graying of Hairs,
  • Inflammatory and swollen joint disorders of early-stage,
  • Depression, Drowsiness, Excessive sleep, Epilepsy, certain autoimmune diseases, etc.

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